When I was asked to photograph a work friend’s family, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I was honored to capture this family as their twin boys prepared to move on from middle school and hit high school hard. There is no doubt in my mind how much this man adores his wife and kids, and […]

I love hosting Christmas. I put up way more trees than is probably necessary (like seven), and I have so much fun decorating and cooking for my loved ones. Since I was hosting my family again this year, I decided to set up a quick photoshoot to capture my family in their nicer clothes. While […]

I come from a relatively big family on one side and a pretty small family on the other. The one thing that I have been very fortunate to experience on both sides of my family is grandparents even great grandparents! My kids have also been lucky enough to have my grandma for their great-grandma! So […]

Fall is my absolute favorite. I am first in line at Starbucks when pumpkin spice comes back each year, and I would live in sweaters and leggings year round if the California sun allowed it. My front porch is covered in different pumpkin varieties and a sign that says, “fall is proof that change is […]

I had never been to Pt. Reyes prior to last night, and I sped home the two and a half hours so I could see these images on the computer. While our surroundings were gorgeous, the Hansen family made these photos pop like champagne. Their laughter and silliness were contagious, and I loved every minute […]

It was early, and it was almost cold for one of the first times all summer, yet these girls braved the elements (and fatigue) to get some pictures taken! They even brought me a Pumpkin Spice Latte, so really, I had no problems with the sunrise session (plus, it was kind of my idea). The […]

Stew was named for the impeccable actor and military officer James Stewart. When asked what his favorite film was, Jimmy Stewart maintained that “It’s a Wonderful Life” was his favorite. And a wonderful life is exactly what this dog had. As he was undeniably her first love in life, the canine Jimmy Stewart was the […]






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