It’s a Wonderful Life

Stew was named for the impeccable actor and military officer James Stewart. When asked what his favorite film was, Jimmy Stewart maintained that “It’s a Wonderful Life” was his favorite. And a wonderful life is exactly what this dog had. As he was undeniably her first love in life, the canine Jimmy Stewart was the most well-loved dog I have had the privilege of knowing. He went everywhere with him mom. He was by her side when she met her husband, brought home her babies, and moved to Hawaii for active Coast Guard duty. To say that they were soulmates is no understatement.

Like Jimmy Stewart the actor, Stew was adored by everyone he met. He was funny and loving and curious. He had a wholesome uniqueness to him that prevented you from getting too mad when he raided the trash can, again. For Christmas I was fortunate to capture a few shots of the old man prior to his breathing becoming labored and his body feeling heavy. And at the very end, just a quick month later, I was honored to gather in that small room and capture his final goodbyes with his family. I have no doubt he would have lived forever to keep his mom happy and safe, but in the end, the kindest gift to give him for a decade and a half of loyalty and love was rest. He was the best boy, and he lived a wonderful life.

My experience with Stew’s journey over the rainbow bridge was beautiful and important. I want to continue to give back to those facing unbearable goodbyes to their dearest loved ones. Please consider contacting me for a complimentary end of life session. To find more information about end of life pet photographers and other bereavement resources, please visit The Tilly Project at

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