Happy Little Haunt!

“Welcome, foolish mortals… Our tour begins here in this gallery…”

With the recent release of Disney’s Haunted Mansion, it seemed perfect timing to snap a few photos of my favorite Haunted Mansion fanatics, Robby and Krismy. As they prepare to welcome a perfect little ghost into their family, I was honored to help them celebrate this past month at their insanely creative and whimsical baby shower, complete with costumes and a Madame Leota table! I had such a great time hand painting a Haunted Mansion onesie and watching them open all their wonderful baby gifts.

The next evening we went to a local park around sunset to give this gorgeous mama even more of a glow! This couple looked perfect, and their love for each other and excitement about their baby was palpable. I was in heaven!

There’s room for one more for this adorable couple, and I can’t wait to see their little man upon his arrival. Huge congratulations to them both; I wish mom and dad all the joy and love their hearts can contain as they prepare for their baby to materialize!

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