40 and Fabulous!

When your bestie of 34 years agrees to get portraits, you pull out all the stops. Thankfully, the light was in our favor this sizzling August Sunday. The summertime glow made my beautiful model glisten a little too much, but the froyo afterward was all it took to put her mind at ease that her photos look almost as beautiful as she is on the inside!

Kim has been a steady companion and thoughtful friend since we met on the first day of first grade in 1989! She was a petite, gorgeous girl in a beautiful dress with well styled hair (for a six year old). All these years later, dresses are less of thing for us, but one tenant holds true- Kim is so uniquely and wonderfully her. She is unapologetically and exactly who she is meant to be, and I love it!

Maybe I’m biased when I look at these photos because I see our whole lives side by side, but I am in love with how beautiful she is. I see all her inner grace shine through. And, if you can believe it, many of these photos were taken on the downtown strip in Loomis on Pacific Street. One of these buildings is a laundry mat! When you have a model this gorgeous, it is easy to make any backdrop look stunning!

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