Lil’ Pumpkin

Fall is my absolute favorite. I am first in line at Starbucks when pumpkin spice comes back each year, and I would live in sweaters and leggings year round if the California sun allowed it. My front porch is covered in different pumpkin varieties and a sign that says, “fall is proof that change is beautiful.” So what could be more beautiful for this leaf-crunching, rainy-day loving photographer than to capture newborn photos at a pumpkin patch? The answer? Almost nothing!

I had so much fun capturing baby Eli at Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm in September. The way he smiles at his dad and snuggles his mom made my whole day. It was 100% worth braving the unseasonably hot weather to capture the little pumpkin king. To top it off, mom made sure this adorable family had matching outfits! A new baby and matching flannels? It was almost too much for my fall-loving heart!

Until my next fall session books, you will find me curled up in my cozy sweater with a cup of coffee watching the leaves fall and daydreaming about newborn photoshoots.

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