Cloud Chasing Cuties

What to do on a rainy day when you have a photo shoot booked? I obviously cannot control the weather, but the stormy blue sky really made these two shine through the gloomy weather! We kept thinking that we might get a ray of sun to poke through our session, only to see the most beautiful sunset on our drives home. While mother nature was clearly teasing us, I didn’t mind since the cuteness of this couple is clear.

Marya and Kevin were so fun together. You could feel the love and respect they have for each other, and their different strengths really compliment each other. The conversation was flowing, and I had so much fun getting to know them better as a couple. Also, huge shout out to Kevin for carrying my step stool.

This was my second rainy day shoot that Saturday, and I honestly loved it! Do I wish we had more sun? Sure! But nothing can replace making memories and growing friendships while getting to do what you love!

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